Pokemon: The Fated Clash?

2013-09-04 16:27:02 by Tyrant-D

Working on my fifth flash now! keeping this under wraps, "Clash" will part away from all previous battles. need any more info? PM me

Thanks your boi Tyrant-D!

Also Check out some incredible voice acting work from Iamvoiceactor! he could be the chosen one for me hehe



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2013-09-05 08:58:47

I really enjoyed seeing your work, I even saw at the end of the Fated Duel that you are going to do another one, but this time with Emboar, I am hypt to see that

(Updated ) Tyrant-D responds:

Yeah Emboar will appear next, along with 5 others :)


2013-09-05 14:01:52

make more make mmmmmmooooooorrrrrrrrreeeeeeee !!!!!!!!! pokemon series

Tyrant-D responds:

I will thanks


2013-09-13 19:01:19

So, will the next Pokemon Fated Movie have connection with the last 3?, or is it going to be an apart story from the main one?

(Updated ) Tyrant-D responds:

Will be separate from the last 3! It will involve entirely new characters, Poke monsters and a new environment :)


2013-09-17 05:16:45

Can't f*cking wait for this! Like I already commented on your Fated Duel flash, I hope you make the next episode a bit longer (not at all complaining about the length of the previous ones, though). I'd really like to see more of the trainers and story, and very nice to see that you're considering casting some voice actors! I hope we see some more Legendaries!

Tyrant-D responds:

I'm afraid there won't be any legendaries, as I think standard Pokemon appeal to me alot more. No more overpowered monsters anymore from me, there are already tons of Pokemon movies showing legendaries in action.

It's way overdone

Also If the flash gets too long, folks will get bored haha, but I'll see how this turn out thanks.


2013-09-22 20:55:50

I was just gonna suggest a voice actor or two if there is a good female ( i would suggest rina-chan in my opinion. She does good voices. Anywho I cannot wait to hear more about this clash :3

(Updated ) Tyrant-D responds:

Yeah, I'll tell you me through my inbox, yeah and I've seen Rina's acting, its great!


2013-10-04 15:03:18

Sounds nice. Good luck with that.
By the way, will you move the Fated Duel to Youtube as well? You might get more views fby doing that, and I would enjoy re-watching it anyway :3

Good luck for that Fated Clash of yours: as a Pokemon fan, I'm looking forward to it :D

Tyrant-D responds:

Yeah I will get it up on youtube sometime this week, keep me on watch

Thanks Fyrem


2013-10-05 21:32:40

Do you think you'll include mega evolutions in a future video?Also, what do you think of Pokemon Origins?

Tyrant-D responds:

Pokemon Origins is OMG! Awesome!! True representation of what Pokemon battles should look like. Just beautiful! and as for Mega evolutions!

Wait for Fated Clash! hehe


2013-10-13 21:59:20

I thought origins was pretty awesome too, also, what was your favorite battle, for me it was definitely the one against Mewtwo, that seemed to be where the animators went all out.


2013-10-29 06:42:54

I honestly think your Pokemon battle animations are the most perfect representation of a true Pokemon Battle. Don't stop what you're doing, you bring happiness to hundreds upon thousands of people like me, and my god you do it so well. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

and yeah Mega Evo's in the next installment would be shweeeeeet


2014-02-11 11:59:08

Been watching your animations for a while!
Such an awesome job you're doing!
Cant wait for your next one!
Been into Pokemon since I was a kid, and as I got a bit older, been wanting the battles more mature and intense!
I got to thank you for making your "Fated" animations exactly how I imagine Pokemon battles becoming! Mewtwo has always been my favorite, so Fated Duel was just perfect!
You're awesome at it, so keep at it!


2014-03-08 19:26:54

Still nothing, it's been a while though.
I guess you're extremely busy, huh? Sorry if it sounds like I'm rushing you, but i wonder why the fated duel isn't on youtube yet.

Anyways, sorry once again, and keep up the good work!


2014-03-22 22:01:07

I can't wait till Pokemon: The Fated Clash, i been watching your pokemon animations since Pokemon: Fated Battle and i love the mix of sounds and music from Dragon Ball and SSB in a pokemon animation makes it seems what could the show actually been expect Pokemon Origins, in other words you are awesome, and keep on animating.


2014-04-17 22:07:12

Can't wait.


2014-05-16 19:22:46

Once again my friends, good things come to those who wait. Greatness comes to those who do not seek it. It will appear when you least expect it to. This just makes the fight that more epic.

I'm sure we're all accostumed to how Master Tyrant operates by now.



2014-10-15 10:30:23

The struggle is real.