Entry #11

Tyrant-D is back! with "Pokemon Fated Duel FULL HD Video"

2014-11-11 19:55:17 by Tyrant-D

Hey guys finally back in business, been almost a entire year login in to my newgrounds account. As a Software Development Consultant in Central London I don't have much free time as I used to make more animations. Though coming to this place I couldn't log in for a long time as I could probably conclude my password was misplaced. Though it was ultimatly due to not being able to gain access to my old email account linked to it. Sorry for the disappearance. Now for a token of graditude, I've finally uploaded "Pokemon The Fated Duel" in FULL HD 1080p. High Quality, No Lagg. The original flash was extremely grachic hungry. Also I will now create my Youtube account to upload the video.




"Pokemon The Fated Clash" done back in late 2013 - Final Project then I'm done with Animating, I'm done.


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2014-11-23 03:05:12

*pieces together what little is left of Mind*

Once again Master Tyrant, you have not failed in delivering the quality of show that I have come to expect of you.

Kudos my good Sir and welcome back.

*Rewatches the battle*


2015-01-08 13:23:11

Sooooooooooooo where's Pokémon The Fated Clash? cause I cant find it :'D


2015-03-01 15:54:19

Fated Clash not done yet.
I just rewatch fated duel.
When FC is done I guess Tyrant will pose it.
Till then, the wait continues ^^


2015-05-11 22:28:22

Shweet! And thanks so much! You helped created memories and unforgettable battles!


2016-01-22 01:18:40

Hey Tyrant. Sorry to talk to ya again after a long time,but I have finally finished with making my character/OC's team and it's totally different


2016-04-10 18:08:14

Ummm, hey are you still making Fated Clash? It's 2016 already and me and a lot of other people are still waiting for it.


2016-08-10 02:14:06

Hey Tyrant-D! Just wanted to know what's the update on Pokemon Fated Clash? Also, i'm making my own animation similar to yours! Anyways man, good luck!


2017-01-29 02:18:23

Hate to sound like a broken record but it's been 3-4 years, can you give us any updates on fated clash?


2017-04-25 12:50:32

@angelmendoza200058 He said this in a youtube comment 4 months ago,

I'm kinda here bro! Just been very busy with working life. I have actually finished Fated Clash, but still not fully happy with it. The animation however is on a whole different level :) (MEGA EVOLUTIONS!)