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Tyrant-D is back! with "Pokemon Fated Duel FULL HD Video"

2014-11-11 19:55:17 by Tyrant-D

Hey guys finally back in business, been almost a entire year login in to my newgrounds account. As a Software Development Consultant in Central London I don't have much free time as I used to make more animations. Though coming to this place I couldn't log in for a long time as I could probably conclude my password was misplaced. Though it was ultimatly due to not being able to gain access to my old email account linked to it. Sorry for the disappearance. Now for a token of graditude, I've finally uploaded "Pokemon The Fated Duel" in FULL HD 1080p. High Quality, No Lagg. The original flash was extremely grachic hungry. Also I will now create my Youtube account to upload the video.




"Pokemon The Fated Clash" done back in late 2013 - Final Project then I'm done with Animating, I'm done.

Pokemon: The Fated Clash?

2013-09-04 16:27:02 by Tyrant-D

Working on my fifth flash now! keeping this under wraps, "Clash" will part away from all previous battles. need any more info? PM me

Thanks your boi Tyrant-D!

Also Check out some incredible voice acting work from Iamvoiceactor! he could be the chosen one for me hehe


Pokemon The Fated Duel

2012-10-19 12:02:40 by Tyrant-D


Tyrant-D says It's time for battle!! keep a keen look out on my channel! it's been 3 long years since you last saw the pocket monster's duke it out. Now shit is gonna go DOWN!

(Updated on 31st August 2013)

"Pokemon: The Fated Duel" Fated to be Forever?? update

2011-01-18 07:56:19 by Tyrant-D

(Updated on 25th May 2012)

Exams are coming to a end, and also I need to sort out my work placement then I'm all good to complete and go. But I'm glad to say I'm back to working the flash again haha I'm going through development hell.

Thanks for support folks; Tyrant-D ain't dead yet ^_^

Marowak's Crisis - Death

2010-11-09 22:41:51 by Tyrant-D

(UPDATE: Concerning my Marowak flash, I've decided to take him off here for good, It's been uploaded onto youtube (old version) by Doronakaar. I think I'll rework on the flash and add a second part to it. Like a two in one flash. I will continue to work on my "Pokemon Fated Duel" along with is this Flash)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=i v&v=-Oq2D0JflIE&annotation_id=annotati on_168761

"Marowak says he's coming back" ^_^

More soon from your man Tyrant-D!!

Pokemon: The Fated Duel

2010-06-22 17:03:55 by Tyrant-D

The Mewtwo and Deoxys Debate!

The pokemon debate between Mewtwo vs Deoxys will be settled by me here once and for all!! I've done heavy research on the two, and seems to me to be quite close. I hope I don't get any pokemon-fanboy backlash O_O

(UPDATE: Concerning my Marowak flash, I've decided to take it off here for good, prehaps upload it onto youtube. Only posted it to have a bit of fun to see if anyone liked it. A few did but, not what I expected. I will continue to work on my Fated Duel Flash)

Pokemon: The Fated Encounter

2010-01-29 15:38:57 by Tyrant-D

UPDATE: It'll be a matter of time now get ready for your poke popcorn :)

New movie being produced: Vorce Booster!!

2010-01-19 17:45:22 by Tyrant-D

I've decided to work on my own unique anime. It's called Vorce Booster, as seen in the pick you get the picture of what it is about. It ain't about giant robots, try and think? iron man! style :) Might need some voicing, as I myself sound like a complete idiot on a mic Oo lol In this expect heck alot of action!! guns, explosions, nukes and yes blood! this time im aiming for the older audience.

The track your hearing now is the imposed selected theme for the anime. Tell me? does the theme fit the category of lightning reflexing intergalactic fighting space suits? lol :)

New movie being produced: Vorce Booster!!

DBGT Project Production on Hold

2010-01-17 20:09:59 by Tyrant-D

I will pull the fans in, even though I have been criticized that my animation is not up to scratch. I will prove those wrong :)

DBGT Project Production on Hold

CT - Crisis of Time Part 2 UPDATE!

2009-11-29 23:31:30 by Tyrant-D

Project UPDATE!

Please look at the first update to get more info my message board :) yes things are looking very good! I will be well known on NG once this hits the servers GOD damn its good. The story and battle scenes are mind-boggingly epic :) man if you thought the first part was crazy enough... just wait to you see this ;) Ive mastered the arts of dbz.

CT - Crisis of Time Part 2 UPDATE!